Marketing Event | Koh Phangan | Sunset Hill | 1st September

How To Build And Sell Online Courses 

Do you want to make an income doing what you love? Building online courses is the best way to impact thousands of lives and create passive income. This is crazy to say, but I generated over £278,000 in 12 months selling 1 online meditation course. Having learned a lot about creating, marketing and scaling online courses in the last decade, I can show you how to authentically build, structure and sell your content. This event is suitable for helping you develop your educational empire and creating extra income. Secure your seat below! 


One In Five Creators Are Making Between $100,000 - $249,000 Per Year

In a recent Kajabi report, one in five creators said they are making between $100k to $249k. I know you probably have even more questions which is great because I answer them during the 1-day Marketing Event. Spaces are limited, so don’t miss out. Save your spot today by filling out your application form here.


Get Paid To Help People 

 There has never been a better time to earn money doing what you love while working from anywhere in the world. This event is a one-day business and marketing event for like-minded creators who want to build, sell and scale online courses so that you can generate a passive income. Now is the time to share your natural gifts and talents with the world and profit from your passion.  


Work From Anywhere In The World


Here's What You'll Learn:

  • Why the name of your course is key (and how to pick a winner) 
  • How to test your idea and get sales. before you waste time, energy and money 
  • How to sell your online courses before you build them (I use this strategy every time!) 
  • How to outline your the easy way and speak with confidence 
  • Say goodbye to confusion and get super clear on your message
  • Structure your content, so your audience loves your courses
  • A step-by-step plan for building online courses
  • How to sell and scale your online business for the future
  • Speak to your dreams clients and attract a wider audience
  • And much more...

I'm Brett Moran 

After coming out of prison, I published my first book, Wake The F#ck up! Which sold over 10,000 copies worldwide. After that, I vlogged on YouTube for a year and travelled. I sold my first online course for £14,497 in 48 hours. Now I live on a beach in Thailand and coach people and sell online products. In the last several years, I built Bodhi, an online meditation company that has impacted thousands of lives and trained hundreds of meditation teachers online. Now, I can show you how to serve, sell and scale your online business and market yourself authentically so that you can follow your calling and make a passive income doing what you love. Start your application form here. It will take three minutes and could give you thirty years of online success!

Happy Testimonials From Happy Clients   

1st September | Sunset Hill | Koh Phangan | 9-5 pm

Profit From your Passion 

Fill out the application form below and discover how to make a bigger impact with your message, build your online course and share your natural gifts and talents with the world.