How To Stay Healthy Happy And Positive 
It's time to shake things up and live your best life! 
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Brett Can Show You How To:

* Reduce worrying and anxious thoughts

* Attract your soul mate and discover real love

* Follow your dreams and find your purpose 

* Ignite more energy and feel high on life

* Make more money and have more time and freedom 

* Stop your mind from over - thinking negative thoughts 

* Find deep relaxation and inner peace  

* Unlock subconscious patterns that hold you back from your dreams 

* Shrink your negative mindset and wake up happy

* Feel calm and confident in social situations

* Remove triggers that ignite panic and anxiety 

* And much more! 

Success Stories 
Cured her anxiety and panic attacks!
Took control of his monkey-mind! 
Quit her job to become a yoga teacher! 
Stopped smoking in 6 weeks! 
Attracting more money! 
About Your Coach 

If you are ready to discover a deeper level of inner peace so you can follow your passion in life and wake up with more excitement and joy, I can help. In the last 17 years, I've broken free from countless negative patterns and smashed beyond my limiting beliefs and habits. After a few stints in prison, I decided enough was enough and started dreaming about the new life I wanted to create. I used the power of visualisation to create a new life! I've spent time with monks to study Buddhism. Gurus to practice Yoga and learned many topics like neuroscience and mediation to help my clients stay motivated and find more purpose and happiness in their lives. My first book Wake The F#ck Up was released in 2016 after I featured in a documentary with Sir Richard Branson, and now I live on a tropical island in Thailand and coach people all around the world. If you're ready and serious about changing your life and achieving your goals click below and let's talk!