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6 BIG Myths About Meditation Plus The 30- Day Meditation Challenge!

Stress anxiety and depression are on the rise. Life is full on for some people right now! Stress in the city is burning them out. Overwhelming family issues, drama in relationships, and feeling broke - It’s all gone crazy and leaving us dazed and confused!

Each day we are faced with so many distractions, fear induced media, panic and terror, it’s all making your brain fry! So how do you quieten your mind and find a place of calm inner peace and deep relaxation? You meditate of course.

In this week's podcast, I bust ‘6 of the biggest myths’ I often hear about mediating so that you can go beyond your monkey-mind and all its excuses and reap the benefits of daily meditation practice. Listen to the podcast below!

When you practice meditation daily your life will transform for the better. You'll feel more of a buzz, your mind will feel calm and content. You stop over thinking and second-guessing in yourself!

Plus, stress and anxiety reduction and the emotional ups and downs balance themselves out. You would be crazy not to meditate for 8 minutes a day. Why only 8 minutes day, listen to the podcast and you'll discover why!

As you might know, I’ve been meditating for over 17 years. It all started in a prisons cell. And believe it or not, it was in that same prison dingy suffocating prions cell that I felt the most incredible sensation of inner peace and total freedom.

In the podcast, I share how I learned that the worse prions are the mental prison. And my spin on things on the biggest myths I hear often about mediating.

You'll learn some tips to meditating daily, plus hear some really exciting news about my first '30-day meditation challenge' that you can sign up for free!

O yeah, and we kick off the podcast with a guided meditation. I know, I'm a genius right!

Anyway, listen to the podcast here. And get ready to get Zen!

If you want to stop your mind from over thinking click here to join me for the 30-day meditation challenge.

Do you fancy escaping the grind so you can quieten your mind? Join me for a yoga and meditation retreat on a tropical island and drink way too many fresh coconuts!

Click here to learn more about my yoga and meditation retreats.

One last thing, this is a free podcast. Please help me spread the positive message by sharing this on your social media sites, and send it to a friend who needs cheering up. Happiness is contagious, let's make it go viral. Click a share button below!


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