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5 Self Mastery Behaviours That Will Change Your Life

Do you want more control over your you life in 2019? Would you like to better manage your emotions and discover how to organise your thoughts? Imagine being in control of your actions and behaviours instead of being a slave to your impulses and patterns.

It turns out that when you feel more in control of your inner game (thoughts feelings actions) you feel happier, more satisfied and more peaceful.

So in this weeks podcast, I wanted to share the ‘5 Self Mastery Behaviours’ that changed my life and will help you unlock your full potential and keep you in the driving seat of your life in 2019 and beyond!

Listen to the podcast below to get more control in your life.

Here’s a sneak peek at the ‘5 Self Mastery Behaviours’ that will make 2019 an EPIC year! And it won't stop there. When you apply these the '5 Self Mastery Behaviours' your life will get better year after year. Enjoy!

#1 Self-Discipline – this is the most important behaviour to adopt in 2019 if you want to achieve any goal. Whether you plan on losing weight, making extra money, or sticking to your daily yoga and meditation practice. If you don’t have self-discipline you will not succeed.

People who have strong self-discipline get more done in less time, they make positive choices more often and feel less stressed. In this weeks episode, I share my top 3 tips to help you become a self-discipline ninja!

#2 Self-Awareness – this is a crucial self-help step if you want to better manage your emotions and break unhealthy habits. When you become more conscious of your patterns and programs and become more self-aware of how you think, feel and act, you can control your automatic impulses and get back in the driving seat of your life.

Instead of being a slave to your ego and the system you beat them both and you set yourself free from the inside out. Self- Awareness is a beautiful gift that you can give yourself and it's super easy. Listen to the podcast to learn how.

#3 Self-Driven – without a doubt, if you have goals you want to achieve in 2019 then must be able to motivate yourself into taking action on a consistent basis! You and only you can pick yourself up and keep yourself going.

Become a self-driven person this year so you can create more motivation and experience more joy and energy. Stay focused on your goals and ignite your inner spark and eventually, you will wake up with a genuine buzz for life!

#4 Self-Less – this Self Mastery Behaviour is the most obvious, yet we get so caught up in our ego and it’s dramas, that we forget that being more of a self-less person will actually help us achieve more in life.

In this week's podcast, I discuss why the ego is fixated on wanting and getting and never satisfied. Which is why I suggest being more of a self-less persona and doing the complete opposite to what your little monkey-mind wants.

#5 Self-Care – this is my favourite of the 5 Self Mastery Behaviours! Self-care means self-love. It's all about treating your self with kindness and compassion. So many people hate on themselves and struggle to understand who they are.

If we want to be free and live a life of joy and deep happiness then we must know who we are at a deeper level. You need to become your best friend if you want this amazing adventure to feel GREAT!

When we love ourselves more we believe in ourselves more and we can achieve our crazy dreams. Love is the invisible ingredient that ignites such positive energy. It impacts our friends our family and the world.

Listen to this week's podcast if you want more control in your life and discover how to master your inner game. After all, everything you see on the outside is a reflection of everything within. Enjoy!

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