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How To Go Beyond The Negative Thoughts Inside Your Head

Who would you be if you were not programmed by your parents or moulded by society in the first 3-6 years of your life? Take a moment to reflect on that question as you listen to this week’s podcast because the answer might set you free from the prison of your mind and help you remember your essence!

Let’s face it, we are all doing time in the prison of our own mind. Our thoughts sentence us to over-thinking patterns. We plan, analyse and many people live in anxiety and fear. Every day each of us listens to the crazy stories up top, judgments and criticisms, separating us from the peace and love within.

If we don’t escape the madness of the mind we might be sentenced to a lifetime of hell. That’s why I’m dedicated to helping you break free from your inner prison! When you go beyond your conditioned thoughts and all the stories you are free. Liberated beyond words could ever describe.

Listen to this week's podcast below to get out of your head!

When you sink down from your head you can transcend to a new blissful dimension. Here’s a snippet of what I share in this week's podcast:

#1 The Psychological World – this is the thinking realm where most of us humans live and struggle day to day to make sense of it all. There is nothing wrong with thinking, thinking is an incredible ability that can help you live your best life and create so much more abundance and beauty. But most people are not thinking!

This mental world is also the realm where you wear all your armour to protect yourself from danger. In this week's podcast, I share what I believe about armour and why it’s important to sink into the next two levels.

#2 The Emotional World – most of us don’t want to feel vulnerable or face uncomfortable feelings. We reach for the bottle, watch a movie, snort a line, or switch off in some other way to avoid the painful moods we struggle with.

Instead of facing the emotions we are stuck in the armour up top. We think the stories are our real identity. This is why we get triggered day in day out, repeat unhealthy patterns, and can feel lost and confused in life. If you really want to feel free and deeply content in life then you must sink down from your armour, connect to your emotions, and then drop even further into your essence.

#3 Your Essence – is the universal energy that binds humanity together. It’s the stuff the stars are made of. It’s the energy that makes you feel high on life and alive! Your essence is your spark. It’s your life-force and it’s the best buzz in the world.

We all crave connection to this peaceful loving place. But most people are facing the wrong way. Instead of looking within themselves that are chasing external illusion in hopes it will fix heal or complete them. From making money to find the right partner, we can spend our whole lives chasing a fantasy and never feeling the full power within us.

Without a shadow of a doubt, your essence is another dimension. It is the most loving peaceful and carefree space I could ever describe. And I encourage you to listen to this week's podcast and look within.

When you live from a place of essence your life totally transforms from the inside out. Your vibration (energy) will rise higher and higher. You will feel alive and your mind will be free. The rest will be easy. Life will wrap it’s self around your vibration and opens so many doors. A new path will present its self and you’ll wake up with joy and excitement to follow the tracks.

In a nutshell, your head is full of lies and your essence is the pure life-force that is excited to be here and create the life you want. Your essence is the spark of life that has never left you. It is pulsating through your veins right now. Take a moment to feel it as you listen to this week's podcast.

Listen to the podcast below. To infinity and beyond!

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