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Beating The February Blues

It's cold. It's dark. It's February! In this week's episode, I'll share with you a few tips to help you beat the February blues. If you feel tired, lethargic, or find yourself giving up on your new year's resolution and craving carbs, junk food then chances are you need a dopamine boost (or some tips to kick start your energy!)

Millions of people suffer in February with low energy, feeling bored and irritable, and struggling with moody emotions. Some experts say it's the lack of Vitamin D, others say its the post-holiday blues. Personally, I think you have the power to snap out of it and feel motivated and energised, even in February.

In this week's podcast, I share 6 steps to help you boost your serotonin levels, which is the ‘happy chemical’ to feel more upbeat and motivated in February. No matter how dark or cold it is outside you can take control of your inner world.

Listen to this week's podcast below to boost your mood!

Here are the 6 steps that will boost your serotonin levels:

#1 Get Some Serotonin: did you know there are serotonin rich foods that can boost the happy chemical in your brain? In this week’s podcast, I share a few of my favourite eats to help me stay high vibe and positive.

#2 Get Out Side: Turns out getting outside can also boost your mood. Fresh air feels your lungs with positive energy and refreshes your mind.

#3 Get Some Exercise: I know it sounds simple but just 20 squats 20 push and 20 star jump each day for 30 days will boost your serotonin. Get the blood pumping

#4 Cold Showers: I know its cold but jumping under the shower and switches on the cold tap will ignite certain neurotransmitters in your brain and wake you up and motivate you BIG TIME!

#5 Get Some Goals: Having something exciting to look forward to makes us feel positive and upbeat.

#6 Get Some Zen: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again, meditation will transform your life. Click here to join the 30-day meditation challenge and beat the February blues!

Listen to the podcast below to get high on life!

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