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My BEST Tantric Lesson

I don't know about you but relationships can be hard work.

Especially when you struggle to understand your triggers and get triggered by the other person you love. You might feel insecure, unlovable, jealous, avoid relationships, or repeat patterns and attract the same kind of relationship, but it never really goes any deeper.

That’s why I invested in a Tantra coach after my last break up. To be honest, I was in a loving relationship but my monkey-mind got the better of me. I felt insecure, I got triggered, and my mind wondered. And I get very bored with repeating patterns so I invested in a Tantra coach to help me face my triggers and I’m now working my way through it.

Listen to this week’s podcast to learn my BEST tantra lesson!

I know what you might be thinking you saucy little monkey. Brett, isn’t Tantra all about sex? Yes, there are lots of tips and techniques you can learn from good Tantra teachers to help improve your sex life, ignite blissful orgasm’s, and become a better lover.

However the main reason I’m going down this path is to help me evolve in my relationships, stop repeating old patterns, and to take a good look at my self and remove the old triggers. Here's my spin on things.

When two people come together through tantra they set the intention to grow and evolve together. Of course stuff will come up! But when your in a Tantra relationship and your shit comes up you share it with the other person and face it together. You share your feelings, you feel vulnerable, and then when you move through that stuff you explore one another from such a loving gentle space. That's when the sex gets even better!

In a nutshell, I think Tantra knocks down all the barriers we have built up which block out love. When two people are on the same path they can come together to evolve to the highest level of conciseness. You can have a relationship from essence to essence. In this week’s podcast, I share the three-step process my Tantra coach taught me, which are Armour, Vulnerability and Essence.

When you can learn how to drop down from your armour (thoughts stories and triggers in your head) and face the vulnerable feelings (rejection fear insecurities) you can sink deeper into the third loving level, which is your essence (freedom peace and love.)

I’m still learning about the whole Tantra shizzle, but I must say what I learned from my coach last year and what I share in this podcast has been a game changer for me! It’s not easy owning your shit and being vulnerable in front of other people, especially in a relationship, it brings up so much fear and stuff. But I do feel Tantra is the way forward.

Enjoy the podcast and if you have time please review it here. Thanks!


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