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Who am I? Guided Meditation

At some stage of our lives, we might find ourselves asking deeper questions such as “who am I, why am I here, what's the meaning of life?” Maybe we'll ask these deeper questions when we are at a rock bottom and feel lost in life and want to change, or maybe we'll ask them because we’re curious to dig a little deeper and discover who we really are beyond the masks we wear.

In this week's podcast, we'll ask the age old question "who am I?" Plus I will share with you a guided meditation so you can go deeper and connect to your true essence. Personally, I think one of the main reasons why millions of people struggle in life is because they have forgotten who they really are.

When your monkey-mind has identified with the roles you play in the world it can seem impossible to break free from your pain and suffering. And when challenges arise the monkey takes it so personal and gets triggered into anger, stress, anxiety and strain.

Listen to this week’s podcast to let go of who think you are!

Chances are when you hear the question “who am I ?“ you might answer it with your job role, your football team, your role at work, as a parent, or even a member of your religion. Yet none of the rolls we play out is really us!

Beyond all of the masks and labels, you give yourself there is a pure spirit waiting to beam out of you. To be truly content in life and free from suffering we must understand the magnitude of who we really are and go beyond the ego. In other words, to be free and happy we must understand who we are NOT to uncover who we truly are.

When you go beyond the masks your ego tricks you into believing is you, you are free from the prison of your mind.Remember, beyond your thoughts and the masks, there is a pure, gentle, deeper loving essence. It’s a very calm and peaceful feeling we can all access when we go beyond thinking!

In this week’s episode let’s meditate together and go beyond the masks we wear!


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