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How To Manifest From Your Heart. Law of Attraction!

I was recently asked ‘Brett how do I manifest from my heart using the Law of Attraction?’. What a GREAT question because the heart is ten times more powerful than the head. It attracts like a magnet!

The biggest mistake people often make when using their lower level thoughts to try and chase what they want, they forgot to tune into what their heart really desires and surrender to the pull of becoming.

Sometimes we can get lost in the egoic desires and dreams, but it never feels like anything is changing. That’s why I suggest to my friends and clients to come from the heart and follow your goosebumps!

When you manifest from your heart you are aligning with your authentic self...

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I truly believe the power within you can create the reality around you. Your mind is a magnet and your thoughts, good or bad, positive or negative, are constantly moulding your life experience around you.

But when you slow down, go deeper into your essence and manifest from your heart space everything seems to get easier. It’s a softer approach that most people neglect, but don’t be like most people – there all bonkers!

Over the years I’ve attracted a lot of amazing stuff in my life. Here’s a quick list of all the cool stuff I have attracted with my heart

  1. Got out of £25k debt and changed my money relationship

  2. Saved £10 to travel to India and Thailand

  3. Wrote and published my first book without any qualifications

  4. Got off of drugs such as crack and skunk

  5. Starred in a film with Richard Branson

  6. Quite drinking (been 11 years since I had a drop)

  7. Moved to a tropical island and drink way too many coconuts

  8. Became a yoga teacher and travel the world teaching

  9. Get the exact motor bike I envisioned

  10. Met the exact soul mate I had in mind and shared so much love

For me, the laws of life and the universe are common sense. But NOT common practice. When you train your self to think positive and tune into your heart you will attract some pretty cool stuff too. Enjoy the podcast!

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