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Meet Your inner Guru!

Do you ever wish you had and expert, a coach, or wise guru with all the answer to all your problems? Well I’ve got some GREAT new for you. You have the best expert within you. And it’s called your inner guru and this wise one lives within you.

The trouble is most people listen to the thoughts inside their head instead of their heart. They get stuck in over thinking. They ignore their inner voice. And it their intuition fades out. Its now wonder why millions of people feel stuck in life and doubt themselves when they are listening to the illusion of their own thoughts.

In this week’s episode of the Beyond Thinking podcast we’ll reconnect to your inner Guru so that you can trust in your intuition and discover all the answers you need.

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You inner guru knows BEST! Better than any other guru out there. Sometimes it’s just tricky to hear what it’s saying before your head comes in and doubts it all. The brain loves to over complicate things when your inner G already knows what best for you.

The best way I’ve found to listen to my inner guru is to meditate every day and find some time to sit in silence (even just 10 minutes) to connect with myself and listen to that little voice inside me.

The more and more you do it, the more you lose your eyes and meet your self, the louder and clearer the guidance becomes. And the more and more you act on it, the more content, aligned and comfortable in your own skin you feel. You have everything you need inside yourself right now because your inner guru knows best. Follow that inner voice it will never let you down.​

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