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Meditate With Me

Are you tired of your negative thoughts? Struggling to control your busy mind? Is anxiety stealing your happiness and making you feel sick?

Meditation is something you can do to improve your mental and emotional health. In this busy world of ours, the mind is constantly pulled from one distraction to the next, scattering our thoughts and emotions and leaving us feeling stressed, highly-strung and at times quite anxious.

Most of us don’t have five minutes to sit down and relax, let alone 30 minutes for a meditation session. But it is essential for your wellbeing to take a few minutes each day to create positive mental health. Meditation is great for accepting your body images and letting go of negative self-talk. A quick meditation session is like weight lifting for your attention span. It helps to increase the strength and endurance of your attention.

In this week’s podcast join me for a short meditation so you can re-center yourself, calm that monkey-mind, and find inner peace.

Listen to the podcast below or in iTunes here!

Meditation has been proven to help you get a better nights sleep. It also reduces symptoms of anxiety disorders, phobias, social anxiety, paranoid thoughts, obsessive-compulsive behaviours and panic attacks

Meditation may also help control job-related anxiety in high-pressure work environments. Meditation can also lead to an improved self-image and more positive outlook on life. And can help you develop a stronger understanding of yourself, helping you grow into your best self!

It can help you better manage your emotions and reduce depressing moods so you feel calm and more peaceful day today. Some types of meditation may particularly increase positive feelings and actions toward yourself and others.

So let’s get Zen!

​​One last thing, this podcast is 100% free. Please help me spread the positive message by sharing this on your social media sites and send it to friends who need cheering up. Happiness is contagious, let's make it go viral. Click a share button below to spread the love. Thanks!

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