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Own Your Mind

Own your mind or the mind owns you!

Fleeting thoughts and mere wishes are not enough to create your dreams or help you wake up with a genuine buzz for life. You have to take control of your monkey-mind and follow certain principles that help you stay on top of it and in control.

In this week’s podcast, I share 3 principles I’ve learned over the years and lived by to help me feel more secure, in control, get more done and feel more focused.

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Here are the 3 principles I share in this week's podcast:

Principle #1 Create a vision. A vision gives us purpose and direction in life. By activating your imagination you can dream about the life you want to live and feel inspired by your thoughts. Having a vision helps you see the many opportunities waiting for you.

Principle #2 Organize your thoughts. Most people live with an anxious and busy mind. Their thoughts are all over the place! Whizzing around from one distraction to the next. To own your mind you have to organize your thinking. In this week’s podcast, I talk about self-control and self-discipline and why daily meditation will help.

Principle #3 Control your attention. The mind loves to be lazy. TV, Netflix and chill will not create freedom adventure and dreams. You have to control the attention and where you focus that your mind.

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