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How To Overcome Jealousy

I don't know about you but I think Jealousy is such a yuky energy! It’s like anger. Personally, both make me feel sick! ]

When you get jealous feelings insecurities and possessiveness often arise.When your brain gets addicted and attached to a person, or a situation, it doesn’t stop over-thinking and obsessing.

Jealousy doesn’t just come up in intimate relationships. You might get envious over a family member who seems to be more successful than you, a work colleague who got that promotion, or even get jealous over your best friend who seems to have a perfect life.

Feelings of inadequacy can destroy relationships, wreck families and break up friendships! Jealousy can push away the people you love, and envying weakens your immune system.

Listen to this week’s podcast to overcome jealousy and let go of yuky feelings so you feel calm confident and secure.

Generally, fearing that you’re not good enough for your partner, checking their phone for texts messages, or gossiping behind your friends back, are sign of jealousy and they are never going to help you feel secure and comfortable in your own skin.

When you are comparing ourselves or criticising others, you are actually disempowering yourself. And while your focus is out there, you neglect your deeper needs and forget the real issue is inside of you.

We will never change if we are facing the wrong way. I know it might be a hard pill to swallow, however, any jealousy you feel is your stuff. It’s your insecurities.You gotta look inside!

The truth is, you will project your stuff onto others too and make it about them or how they behave. You think they are acting in certain was to make you feel jealous, when in fact, your jealousy is what thinks they are acting in certain ways. They can't win!

Like I always say, to be free from any negativity, including jealousy, we have to face inwardly. So close your eyes and ask yourself, what do I really want instead of feeling this jealousy?

Listen to week’s podcast to learn more and let go of negativity and empower yourself to feel calm confident and secure. Enjoy!

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