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How Depression Can Make You Happy

Depression is a ‘spiritual crises’. When you neglect your spirit you will suffer. Depression is the spirit in suppression. When you feel down in the dumps it is a sign your spirit is being neglected.And when your spirit is suppressed you are always going to suffer and feel depressed.

Let's get real, the system has placed handcuffs on our spirit and now millions of people feel trapped. We work so hard, get told who to live our lives and now life itself has lost it's spark!

To claim back your power and snap out of depressing funks you must live your life from the inside out. You need to reignite your spirit to uplift your mood. Now is the time to make your spiritual growth your number one priority!

In this week’s episode I share my personal experience with depression and why I said no to the doctors when they offered me happy pills. Listen below.

If you want to be free form negative thoughts and overwhelming feelings, that make you feel like you can't go on anymore, then you need to look at depression in a spiritual way.

This is exactly what I share in this week's podcast. How to reframe your pain and wake up to your divine spark.

To beat depression, you need to create a NEW way of life that has positive habits and healthy routines that express your spirit. That's it. There are no happy pill, no Guru or God to save you, you gotta dig deep and remember who you really are - there is no other way.

How? You exercise daily, you boost your endorphins, you retreat daily, you meet your soul, you ignite your spirit, and you meditate daily to calm that monkey-mind.

I know I know, common sense Brett, but look, it's not common practice. In this week’s podcast let’s get real and talk about the invisible illness so you, your friends and your family do not have to suffer in silence.

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