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How To Let Go Of Your Ego's

Nope. That’s isn’t a typo. You got two of them! The inner ego and the outer ego. The inner ego is the silent story that you tell yourself about yourself. The outer ego is the one you unconsciously portray to the world and it creates what I call your surface personality.

To be happy with have to go beyond both! The inner ego is often selling you short, picking on your flaws and making you out to be less than you are. While the outer ego is constantly seeking approval, looking for acceptance and love, and needing craving attention.

Let go of both your ego’s in this week’s podcast!

I know the the inner ego seems to be against us. It abuses us with negative self-talk and wants us to self-destruct so we abuse the body and worry in the mind.

To top it off, the outer ego its constantly looking for recognition and acceptance because it wants to be seen, it needs attention, and deep down its searching for love out side itself.

The truth is, the ego is not the enemy. It loves you! It just needs identity to survive. So you it builds a perception of who it thinks it is and creates behaviours you repeat to help it survive.

This is why you might act, think, behave and speak in ways you wished you didn't. In this week's podcast, let's take some time to self-reflect and self-inquire so we can live beyond the voices inside the head.Enjoy!

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