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A Taste Of Tantra

I have some really exciting news. I'm back in the UK to run 'A Taste Of Tantra' 2-day workshop 27th - 29th September. An no it's not a sex party or a big orgy. It's all about awakening and remembering the love inside you.

Here's what you'll learn at the workshop:

  • Let go of your emotional baggage and past wounds

  • Create more joy, playfulness and balance in your life

  • Connect to the deeper you and stop playing games

  • Improve your spiritual and emotional wellbeing

  • Leave the stress behind and re-centre yourself for 2 full days

  • Take your relationships to the next level

  • Connect with your loved ones like you never did before

  • Bring your yoga practice off the mat and into your life

  • Receive top-class knowledge about yoga and how to live a great life

  • Open your heart with Brett Moran’s guided and loving meditations

Listen to this week's podcast to find out more!

Let’s face it, most of us have had relationships that suck – we repeat the same old frustrating patterns that make us feel insecure and unloved, but with different people, and yet deep down all we really want is to be seen, to feel real love, and enjoy a deeper connection, and more intimacy with someone we fancy the socks off!

Whether you feel afraid to open up and express your true self in-case you get rejected, or play a role to fit in and be loved and accepted, whatever the case, you lose your authenticity and the relationship suffers because you are not being your true self. You are having a relationship from your head, not your heart.

If you ever:

  • Feel anxious and insecure in your relationships?

  • Become jealous or possessive when seeing someone?

  • Feel co-dependant and attached and feel like you're going crazy?

  • Push people away but deep down want them to stay?

  • Get jealous when your partner is around other men/women?

  • Play guessing games in your mind and feel like you're going mad?

  • Fight and argue over little things that trigger deeper issues?

  • Find it difficult to express yourself and be yourself in a relationship?

  • Play roles to fit in and get approval so you feel accepted and loved?

  • Avoid conversations that bring up conflict?

  • Constantly worry your partner might get up and leave you?

  • Go on dates but nothing last longer than the honeymoon months?

  • Avoid relationships altogether so you don't get hurt?

Then join us at the workshop, discover how to remove your past and become more present so you can wake up with so much love and gratitude for life.

Click here to find out more info about the workshop!

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