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Make An Extra Income Doing What You Love. Build And Sell Online Courses That Help People And Work From Anywhere In The World

One-Day Event | Sunset Hill Koh Phangan | 1st September | 9-5 pm

1st September | Koh Phangan | Sunset Hill | 9-5 pm

Serve, Sell And Scale Your Online Courses 

This event aims to provide you with the proven steps and support you need to create a highly profitable online business. I will share with you proven strategies and tried and tested methods that helped me make over 6 figures in 12 months so that you can impact thousands of lives and create passive income (from your laptop sipping fresh coconuts on the beach!) You will leave this event with a clear step-by-step marketing plan to help you build, sell and scale your online courses.   


Who Is It For?

This one-day event is for coaches, teachers, healers, content creators, influencers and anyone who wants to create passive income and build successful online courses. Discover how to share your wisdom and expertise with the world, impact thousands of lives and profit from your passion at this one-day event.  

Where Is It?

It starts on the 1st of September, 9-5 pm at Sunset Hill Koh Phangan, Thailand. You can get your early bird ticket below and save 1,500THB. The first ten people get lifetime access to the recording, plus three more bonuses below. Click here to get the early bird offer. Spaces are limited!

What's Included?

I will walk you through my entire business blueprint for creating, building, and selling online courses during this one-day event. It will show you how to sell your online courses before you build them, avoid common mistakes, and how to share your wisdom in your courses.


Sell Online Courses That Make A Positive Difference In The World

Join me for 1-day that will change your business. You’ll learn how to serve, sell and scale online products so that you can create more freedom in your future. 


4 Stages To Your Online Success

At this event, I will walk you through the 4-stages of online success and course creation so that you can grow your online business faster, authentically and passionately while reaching thousands of people worldwide and making a passive income doing what you love.   

Stage 1: Serving 

In the SERVING stage, you'll learn how to communicate clearly to your ideal client, how to find your dream clients, how to reach a wider audience, how to impact thousands of lives and, of course, how to sell your online courses with ease. You will learn the secret ingredients that top marketers use when building online courses, creating sales pages, and writing email copy (it's not what you think!)

Stage 2: Structuring 

In the STRUCTURE stage, you’ll learn how to design your course, package your products, and structure your online content so that you give your clients the best experience and more profound transformations—turning them into happy customers who love buying your future products and want to work with you 1-2-1. 

Stage 3: Selling

In the SELLING stage, you'll learn how to sell your courses and put money in the bank before you create them. This is the exact strategy I have used repeatedly to generate over 6-figures in my business, and it works. I will reveal the techniques and mistakes I've made that will save you time, energy and money when building your online business. Plus, you'll find organic ways to generate sales and get more clients within the next seven days.

Stage 4: Scaling

In the SCALE stage, you'll gain clarity on how to scale your offer and turn it into your online course, so you can impact more people and generate more revenue with more ease. We break down the marketing funnels and business basics to ensure your business is set up for success from all angles.

 First 10 People To Sign Up Get 4 Incredible Bonus Gifts  

  1. 30-minute one-on-one business consultation with me on Zoom to discuss your online business, marketing strategy, and steps to move forward and create your courses (value £497).
  2. Lifetime access to the event. Re-watch the one-day event as many times as you wish. A professional team will record the event so you can watch it repeatedly (value £297).
  3. How to start a successful online coaching business. Instantly watch this online course and learn how to get dream clients and build a business and lifestyle you love as a coach (value £197).
  4. A 30-day trial of Kajabi, the all-in-one platform I use to run my entire business. You can upload your courses, build products, create podcasts, sell coaching programs, and build marketing funnels the easy way (value £97).

Total value £1,088 

Join the 8-hour workshop for only 3,500thb (price goes up to 5,000thb 19th August)


What Previous Clients Have To Say 


I'm Brett Moran 

After coming out of prison, I published my first book, Wake The F#ck up! Which sold over 10,000 copies worldwide. After that, I vlogged on YouTube for a year and travelled the world. Now I live on a beach in Thailand and sell online products. In the last 12 months, I sold one online meditation course that made over £278.000 and built Bodhi. This online mediation company has impacted thousands of lives and trained hundreds of meditation teachers. Now, I can show you how to build and sell online courses, scale your online business and market yourself authentically so that you can make a passive income doing what you love! 

1st September | Sunset Hill | Koh Phangan 

Profit From your Passion 

Make a bigger impact with your message and discover how to package your online course so that you can share your natural gifts and talents with the world.