A Celebration Of Love Life And Freedom 
2 Day Retreat | 27th-29th Sept | Gaunts House UK
A Taste Of Tantra 
Awaken Your Senses  

Save £150. Early Bird Tickets On Sale Now. Offer Ends 31st July. Only 20 Spaces! 

Do You Ever...   

  • Feel anxious and insecure in your relationships?

  • Become jealous or possessive when seeing someone?

  • Feel co-dependant and attached and feel like you're going crazy? 

  • Push people away but deep down want them to stay?

  • Get jealous when your partner is around other men/women?

  • Play guessing games in your mind and feel like you're going mad?

  • Fight and argue over little things that trigger deeper issues?

  • Find it difficult to express yourself and be yourself in a relationship?

  • Play roles to fit in and get approval so you feel accepted and loved?

  • Avoid conversations that bring up conflict?

  • Constantly worry your partner might get up and leave you?

  • Go on dates but nothing last longer than the honeymoon months?

  • Avoid relationships altogether so you don't get hurt? 

Almost Everything You Learned About
Relationships Could Be Destroying Your Chances Of Deeper Intimacy And True Love

Let’s face it, most of us have had relationships that suck – we repeat the same old frustrating patterns that make us feel insecure and unloved, but with different people, and yet deep down all we really want is to be seen, to feel real love, and enjoy a deeper connection, and more intimacy with someone we fancy the socks off! 


Whether you feel afraid to open up and express your true self in-case you get rejected, or play a role to fit in and be loved and accepted, whatever the case, you lose your authenticity and the relationship suffers because you are not being your true self. You have a relationship from your head, not your heart. 


Maybe you’ve felt insignificant and small in past relationships. You trod on eggshells seeking trying not to rock the boat or lose the person, or you keep dating but it never gets past the honeymoon months. 


The truth is, as children we create modules of relationships from those around us and the environments we live in. Even the music and TV we were exposed to helped to mould our mindset for the relationships we experience as grew up.


We are not taught as children about clear communication, about boundaries, and the power of true love. In the end, we get lost in the ego’s version of a relationship, which is all about attachment, lust, neediness and jealousy. And so we suffer and build up barriers to block out love and stay safe. 

Create The Best Relationships

Save £150. Early Bird Tickets On Sale Now. Offer Ends 31st July. Only 20 Spaces! 

About The Workshop

  • Let go of your emotional baggage and past wounds  

  • Create more joy, playfulness and balance in your life

  • Connect to the deeper you and stop playing games

  • Improve your spiritual and emotional wellbeing

  • Leave the stress behind and re-centre yourself for 2 full days

  • Take your relationships to the next level

  • Connect with your loved ones in a way like you never did before

  • Bring your yoga practice off the mat and into your life

  • Receive top-class knowledge about yoga and how to live a great life

  • Open your heart with Brett Moran’s guided and loving meditations

Break Free From Your Negative Mind Games And Deepen Your Relationships

About The Workshop

Imagine for a moment, what it would feel like to figure it all out and improve your relationships. Go beyond all the mind games and the drama that often comes up, and feel safe, loved, appreciated with someone you can be yourself around. Join Brett Moran and discover how to enjoy real love and intimacy. Learn how to disolve your old patterns and let go of the negative baggage you’ve experienced in the past.


The truth is, everyone wants to be free and expand in life and enjoy in their relationships, but we often end up ignoring the fact that we are human beings filled with insecurity, jealousy, sorrow and all the negative emotions that a human is subject to.


What if you had a magic wand that emptied your mind and transformed your feelings? Plus changed the roles you unconsciously plaid in the past so you could be free to enjoy a deeper level of love joy, ecstasy and aliveness in your life.


Life and your relationships would feel pretty AMAZING right? Freedom is key! 



  • Learning how to go beyond your ego and feeling a deeper love inside you

  • Shrinking the voice inside your head so you were less judgmental in relationships 

  • Attracting a soul mate and enjoying a deeper intimacy

  • Feel confident and comfortable in your own skin

  • Empowered to say no and also ask for what you really want

  • Take your relationships to a deeper level

  • Learning more about the power of touch and eye gazing 

  • Letting go of your emotional baggage and feeling lighter

  • Reducing your insecurities and feeling more powerful with others 

"It's been life changing for me"

Save £150. Early Bird Tickets On Sale Now. Offer Ends 31st July. Only 20 Spaces! 

Tantra is often called the path of ecstasy. Tantra Yoga was originally for spiritual development. The practice offers us tools to help train the mind and body so they can become more aware of their power and positive healing nature. The purpose of Tantra Yoga, in my mind,  is to cultivate awareness and attain a higher level of consciousness, so we can wake up to the power of love within us and share this love with our friends, family, lovers and the world. Through yoga, we remember who we really are and welcome inner peace. Tantra, as I understand it, is about going deeper than ever before and beyond the ego. Dissolving the masks we wear and removing the baggage we picked up along the way. The practice is blissful and enables us to surrender to love, igniting powerful energy within us that makes you feel younger, more joyful and more excited for life.

What Is Tantra Yoga?
A Taste Of Tantra

A Taste of Tantra is a 2-day retreat that Brett has designed to help you break down any barriers you might have built up around giving and receiving love and creating deeper connections. Join Brett and get away from the “norm” and stress so you can learn how to look within yourself and go deeper into your essence. Brett will show you how to use simple, safe and powerful techniques to help reduce any stress, anxiety or judgments in relationships. Plus remove your emotional baggage so you are finally free to be yourself in relationships.


At this 2-day taster, you’ll have heaps of fun in the dynamic workshops, connect more deeply with others, and ignite your inner child. At this retreat, you will be fully clothed in a very safe environment. You will discover how to play more, communicate more clearly, and the power in saying no so that you can live your most authentic self and welcome more love. By creating deeper relationships that manifest after the retreat you will enjoy more love and freedom. You will leave the retreat feeling a profound sense of peace and live from your heart to bring more joy and energy into your life. Life will feel AMAZING!

The 2-Day Retreat
Escape For 2 Full Days And Remember
This Retreat Is Perfect
For You If You Want To:  
  • Create more joy and playfulness in your life

  • Connect to the real you and stop playing games

  • Improve your spiritual and emotional wellbeing

  • Leave the stress behind and re-centre yourself 

  • Take your relationships to the next level

  • Connect with your partner like never before

  • Bring your yoga practice off the mat and into your life

  • Receive top-class knowledge about how to live a great life

  • Open your heart with Brett Moran’s  deeply moving meditations and 

"I loved Brett's guided meditations"

Save £150. Early Bird Tickets On Sale Now. Offer Ends 31st July. Only 20 Spaces! 

Go Home Full OF Love

Feeling Brand New


After the retreat, your heart will be filled with so much love and power. You will take away the tools and knowledge to help you stick to a daily practice that keeps the spark inside alive. This retreat will help you keep a positive mindset and impact many areas of your life, from personal relationships at home to work and even your local community. You will go home with the right mindset to keep you on the path for a very long time!  

This 2-day retreat is perfect for you if you are brand new to yoga and meditation and want to learn more about waking up. And if you’re an advanced practitioner already on the path, it will take your practice to a deeper level of love and wisdom.


Relax In Your Private En-Suite Room


Gaunts House is a part of The Richard Glyn Foundation, located in the beautiful Dorset Countryside.  It is a place of Profound Learning,  where like-minded people can come together to share experiences, teach, laugh, play, and flourish. Gaunts House aims to provide a comfortable environment with an open atmosphere such that visitors may feel inspired to seek their inner self and their own path to follow. 

"I loved the structure of the retreat" 

Save £150. Early Bird Tickets On Sale Now. Offer Ends 31st July. Only 20 Spaces! 

Healthy Meals Meditation Classes And

Accommodation Included  


Gaunts House offers an assortment of comfortable room options. From shared rooms to en-suites. For those wanting a little more privacy and upgraded facilities, there is a selection of en-suite rooms in the Stable Block. In the main house, there are shared spacious rooms with shared bathroom facilities. Most of these rooms have large windows with far reaching views over the breathtaking grounds, lake and gardens. All rooms below include 3 healthy meals per day, plus all workshops and classes! 

Option 1 Shared Room Only £269
Sve £150 Early Bird Tickets 
Offer Ends 31st July! 
Option 2 Single 
Room Only £299
Sve £150 Early Bird Tickets 
Offer Ends 31st July! 
Option 3 Single
En-suit Only £329
Sve £150 Early Bird Tickets 
Offer Ends 31st July! 
"It's been amazing!"

Save £150. Early Bird Tickets On Sale Now. Offer Ends 31st July. Only 20 Spaces! 

 Who Is This Retreat For?

This retreat is totally for you if:

  • You are ready to let go of your emotional baggage

  • You are willing to open your heart and feel more joy

  • You are excited to go deeper and give and receive more love

  • You want to strengthen your relationships

  • You want to have lots of fun while exploring your authentic self

  • You are ready to escape the norm and take a blissful break 

  • You are yearning for a profound connection with sexuality and spirituality.

  • You are ready to manifest your soul mate and explore deeper love

  • You’re excited and nervous about this retreat!

This retreat is totally NOT for you two if:

  • You don’t want to step out of your comfort zone

  • You want to keep your past wounds

  • You don’t want to understand the power of touch and intimacy

  • You are not willing to participate and put in the effort

  • You enjoy making excuses, being negative and defensive

  • Spiritual exploration, personal growth, and major breakthroughs bore you

  • You aren’t willing to laugh, dance, cry, hug – and let your heart open fully!

"I did things that I thought were impossible" 

Save £150. Early Bird Tickets On Sale Now. Offer Ends 31st July. Only 20 Spaces! 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 
Attend this amazing 2-day experience with Brett Moran and if you get there and are not satisfied with the transformational workshops you can request a refund on day one and you'll get every penny back. No questions asked! 

Frequently asked questions

Where is the venue?

Gaunts House is set in the beautiful andvery peaceful countryside of Dorset. Here’s the address: Gaunts House, Petersham Lane, Gaunts, Wimborne, UK, BH21 4JQ

What’s Included In The Price?

Your accommodation and food is included in the price. Plus daily meditations, yoga classes and all the workshops and activities.

I’m new to yoga and not flexible enough?

Brett's yoga classes are not about how flexible you are! Brett promotes a deeper awakening and his classes are suitable for complete beginners, but also cater for the more advanced practitioner.

What do I wear and need to bring?

Please bring your own yoga mat and wear loose comfortable clothing so you can move around freely. Also, bring a jumper just in case, it gets chilly in the morning. Plus bring swim wear if you are brave enough to jump in the outdoor pool.

I can’t sit still or cross my legs, how can I meditate?

This is why you need to attend the retreat. Brett will guide you every step of the way. Your body will loosen up hos gentle classes and he will help you keep your mind focused by guiding you through every meditation.

Do I need to speak in front of the group?

Brett creates a safe space for sharing and everything is confidential. At the retreat you will connect with like-minded people who are kind and compassionate. However, if you don’t want to share in the group there is no pressure whatsoever. You can always talk to Brett privately.

Is this retreat sex party or one big orgy?

It is a common misconception that Tantra is only about sex. Sexuality encompasses only 5 to 10% of the tantric teachings. Tantra is, in fact, a comprehensive spiritual path with many branches and practices such as yoga, meditation, powers of the mind energy and many more. All the different facets of Tantra will be explored and explained in this workshop intensive. This course contains no sexual practices or nudity of any kind. This is a very safe and caring environment. While Tantra has many angles and learning sex technqiuess can be part of it, this workshop will be focused more on the power of touch, connection, eye gaxing and other powerful techniques to help you disolve the ego. You will be fully clothed and consent is a huge paert of this workshop. If at anytime you feel uncomfortable you can sit out and speak to our asupporting staff.

I’ve never eaten vegan food will I survive 2 days?

If Gorillas are so big and strong and live on a vegetarian diet Brett is very confident that you will last 2 days at the retreat! The vegan lifestyle is amaizng because it promotes self-healing and self-love. Which is the whole purpose of this 2-day retreat. You energy will feel calm balanced and alive.

Can I bring my partner or isit singles only?

YES! Please bring your loved ones. Esepcially if you are in a relationship that is struggling.This retreat will be perfect for both to understand one another more deeply, connect like never before, and meet eachother through the power of love.

I want to come but money is a little tight?

Can you afford not to come? Look, I'm not going to sugar coat it here. Chances are you'll spend a lot more money on a new fridge, TV, or some other gadget that will go out of fasion in the next 6 months. Investing in yourself and personal growth is the best thing you will ever do for yourself. Brett has spent ten's of thousands of pounds over the last 20 years to get where he is today. He doesn’t share this to brag he shares it to inspire you to change your value system and invest in yourself so you can grow and the truth is, your are the best investment ever. Lopok, if you stay stuck in your relationship patterns for another year, how much will that really cost you, mentally, emotionally, financially and even spiritually? If you feel drawn to be at this 2-day retreat and know now is the time to change the way you do relationships, then make it happen. Find a way. Book your tickets below beofore it sells out. You're worth it and you deserve this level of love and freedom.

"It's been awesome"

Save £150. Early Bird Tickets On Sale Now. Offer Ends 31st July. Only 20 Spaces!