Up And Coming Retreats

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Tantra - UK

Do you struggle with relationships? Would you like to awaken your senses and bring more joy, love and intimacy into your life? 
Let go of your insecurities and emotional baggage and learn how to love openly and more fully at this 20-day Tantra Retreat.
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Transformation  - Thailand

Change your life in the sun with this
7-day self-discovery retreat! Learn how to create the exact life you want, how to master your monkey - mind and let go of negative patterns, plus drink plenty of coconuts discover your true essence as you wake up with a genuine buzz for life. Click below for more information. 
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Acro Yoga - Paradise 

Do you want to get stronger and master your handstand? Are you ready to play upside down and learn how to fly? Join us for 7-day Acro Yoga retreat and learn cool arm balances, inversions and poses that bring out your inner child and set you free. Click below for more information.



Strengthen your body and ignite your natural energy so you feel high on life and buzzing from the inside out


Separate from negative thinking and calm your monkey- mind to find inner joy 


Use your imagination to speed up the law of attraction and manifest like a magnet


Cresate new healthy lifestyle patterns that will transform your life after the retreat

MEeT More Happy people  


Separate from your negative thoughts clear your mind from over thinking 


Break free from your old scripts and limiting beliefs so you can create a healthier life


Use your body as a tool to better manage your emotions and release the blocked energy within you. 


Ask deeper questions and reconnect to the peace and love already within you 

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