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From: Brett Moran
Where: On a beach in Thailand sipping fresh coconuts

Dear Friend, 

Clearly, you want to succeed in life. Everybody knows that becoming the best version of yourself will create more meaning and purpose in your life. If you've ever wanted to know the secrets to personal success, waking up excited to start the day, and how to achieve goal after goal this could be the most important message you read today. 

Your full potential isn’t a destination, it’s a path. In other words, it’s an amazing journey of self-discovery and liberation. True freedom from your own limitations and the limitations that others put upon you. 

Reaching your full potential takes patience, courage, self-awareness, and a whole lot of action. So, let’s get straight to the point.

If you want to become the BEST version of yourself, and that means becoming more focused, disciplined and productive so that you can achieve your wildest dreams, then you need new empowering habits and positive shifts in your day to day actions. 

Here’s why. 

You probably think you are already the best you can be. But deep down there is something calling you for more. The monkey mind might try and talk you out of your dreams but it’s always there, niggling away at you right?

The truth is, there is always the best version of ourselves hidden away somewhere right within us. Only a few people are aware of this and not so many people become the best version of themselves in life.

If you have tried to change in the past and deep down you want more from life, yet feel stuck, uncertain, and confused about the next step, I want you to know it’s not your fault. 

Your brain and even your emotions are not wired for success. This is why millions of people self-sabotage, fail and never reach their full potential in life.

Before I share the exciting information with you about “Become Your Best Self” let me ask you a few questions. 

Stop And Ask Yourself: 

  • Do I want to wake up with more joy, excitement, and energy for life? 
  • Am I ready to ignite my willpower and stay motivated?
  • Do I want to stop self-sabotaging and break free of old habits?
  • Is now the time to take control of my life and achieve my goals?   

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then I want to personally inviting you to join me live for 6-weeks and finally master your inner game. Take control of your mind, stay motivated, reprogram your brain, and ignite powerful emotions so that you can become unstoppable and reach your full potential! 

“Become Your Best Self 6-Week Program” 

Live Program Starts Sunday 3rd July! Live Coaching with Brett Moran

Yes, I'm Ready For This!

New Coaching Program Reveals How To Ignite Your Personal Power, Increase Your Joy, And Stay Laser Focused On Your Goals!

‘Become Your Best Self’ I will show you how to think, what to do each day, and share with you the proven secrets to personal success. Together we will go on a 6-week journey of personal transformation so you can study yourself and finally break free from old patterns and create new empowering habits that will help you succeed. After this course, you will become a high performing, high energy, and high impact person who achieves goal after goal. 

This Course Will Help You:

  • Instantly take control of your monkey mind so you can quickly own your emotions, show up for yourself, and focus on achieving your goals. 
  • Save a TON of wasted time procrastinating and years trying to figure it all out on your own (follow the exact techniques in this course step by step and I guarantee you will have years of success and more time and energy to have real fun!) 
  • Learn the art of discipline, how to show up for yourself every day and be proud knowing that you are completing what you said you would do. 
  • Wake up feeling excited about your future and the opportunities that are coming your way (never feel bored again!)
  • Connect to your personal power and ignite an insane level of energy that you might have never felt before!  

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Josh doubled his income, brought a house by the beach, and took control of his life!
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In Become Your Best Self
I will show you:

  • 7 ways to finally eliminate limiting beliefs and new ways of successful thinking 
  • How to find your purpose in life and wake up excited and ready for action 
  • The best way to focus even if you feel distracted and failed in the past 
  • How to become unstoppable and super disciplined without ever giving up
  • The easy way to master your time and get more shit done than ever before! 

I have been using the exact tools and techniques I share in Become Your Best Self for 20 years. They work! I have turned my dreams into a reality year after year, eliminated self-sabotaging addictions and habits, and refined them to work for you faster and quicker than you think. All you need to do is follow the exact system and voila you’ll become the person you secretly dream about becoming and reach your full potential.  

I have also shared these proven tools with thousands of people who are reaching their full potential right now like Claire in the video below. 

Watch Claire's Inspiring Success Story Below 

Claire was stuck in a toxic relationship and now she runs her own coaching business!
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Big Dreams And Small Steps 
Fulfill Your Full Potential

A journey toward your full potential is a marathon, not a sprint. In fact, it’s something you’ll be working towards your whole life. That means the finish line of life isn’t something to rush toward. Inside Become Your Best Self I will show you new habits you can do each day that take 30 seconds or less. If you were to take a small step toward your big dream each day you would get there faster than you think. In addition to your “To-do” list, we will create a “To-be” list and wire new empowering habits into your brain so that you can become the new person you know you can become.

3 Secrets To Becoming Your Best Self...

Imagine you’ve already achieved your goals. How would it change you, your family, and your future? Picture in your mind a fresh vision of you as your best self. Who are you with, what are you doing, and how does it feel? Let this image guide your actions in the present moment so that you can invest in who you want to become. Here are 3 secrets we will study in the
Become Your Best Self course. 

Secret #1 Developing A Growth Mindset vs. A Fixed Mindset

American psychologist Dr. Carol Dweck’s research shows that embracing challenges, focusing on effort over the outcome, and having a belief that you can grow and improve are keys to reaching your full potential. (source BetterUp)

Secret #2 Time management vs. Self Management 

Are you a slave of time and lame excuses or a time-master in control of your reality? In Angela Duckworth’s book “Grit,” her research shows that persistence and discipline trump raw talent. 

Secret #3 Accept failure with self-compassion

No matter how we try to frame it, failure isn’t fun. Failures are an inevitable part of the journey toward your full potential. In Become Your Best Self you will learn why they happen, and what to do to avoid them.  

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Meet Your Coach Brett Moran

Hi, I’m Brett and I have a burning passion to show you how you can reach your full potential and achieve some of your wildest dreams. Over the years I have helped people quit drugs, publish books, start businesses, overcome brain injuries, travel the world, and find a life partner. 

Ultimately, I can show you how to become your best self so you get stronger mentally, emotionally, physically and even spiritually. 

I’ve been at this game for 20 years and it all started when I was locked up in a prison cell doing time. One day, in the prison library I found a book on mediation and it changed my life forever. 

Since that wake-up call, I decided to become my best self and I went on a journey of personal transformation. I published my first book Wake The F#ck Up! and sold over 10,000 copies worldwide. 

Moved to Thailand to live on the beach in my dream home. I built an online business that has inspired 1000’s of people and during Covid made over £250,000 selling online courses.

If you're someone who is ready to go all in, and you want to follow that calling for more, then I would LOVE to show you the exact steps I took to become my best self.

Meet Clive, He Quit Booze And Traveled 

Clive was fed up drinking and knew he could achieve more. Here's what happened…
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6 Free Bonus Gifts You Are Going To Get When You Sign Up Today 

Get these free when you enrol in the Become Your Best Self Program!

Bonus #1 How To Awaken Your Purpose And Follow Your Life Calling 
Total Value £97

If you ever feel like life is passing you by and you haven't found your calling, this course is perfect for you! Inside this course, you will learn how to ignite your passion and follow your purpose (your north star!). Get more focus and direction and discover why you were put on this planet. 

This course will easily save you years of feeling lost and getting stuck! 

Bonus #2 How To Boost Your Self-Esteem Workshop 
Total Value £97

Stop and ask yourself. Why do I keep self-sabotaging myself? Look, I get it, if you keep eating the cake, quit the gym, indulge in a guilty pleasure and feel frustrated I know exactly how you feel! In the
Self-Love Workshop, you will learn how to feel comfortable in your own skin, how to fall madly in love with yourself, how to sink into your essence,  to become your best friend, and how to stop self-sabotaging. 

Bonus #3 How To Master Your Monkey Mind 
Total Value £97

Are you tired of negative thinking, second-guessing, and that voice barking inside your head? In the
Mediation Mentor 4-week course I will show you how to instantly reduce stress and anxiety, become more peaceful, control your mind, and find emptiness so that you can change your self-talk and increase more joy. If you want to reach your full potential you must master the mind and this course will show you to do that! 

This course alone is worth the cost of the entire course. our mental health is priceless! 

Bonus #4 Manifest the Life of Your Dreams
Total Value £97

In the
Abundance Mindset course, you will learn how to switch your mindset from lack to plenty, struggle to success, and from fear to freedom. If you want to attract more opportunities this course is for you! Learn how to reframe your thoughts to attract more abundance. How to write your goals and develop actions that are easily implemented. 2 secrets of the law of abundance that will give you more confidence in your abilities to manifest what you desire. And much more. 

Bonus #5 Start Your Day Right And Smash Your Life Goals 
Total Value £97

Master these proven strategies to conquer the most important part of your day — the morning.
In the Master Your Morning course you will learn how starting your morning right is so important that it will affect the rest of your day. The things you shouldn’t do when waking up so you’ll have a good start (revealed in the workshop). 3 ways to balance your waking & sleeping routine. The best sleeping pattern for you to adapt for optimal productivity. And much more. 

Bonus #6 How To Start A Successful Online Coaching Business
Total Value £97

If you have valuable knowledge that is in demand you can make a significant income as an online coach. Maybe you’re a Reiki healer, yoga or meditation teacher, teen counsellor, or someone with a passion and purpose to help others. A proven workshop to starting a profitable online coaching business. Understand the benefits of a successful coaching business and develop the right mindset to get started today. Plan your business the right way so win before you begin! 

All you have to do is to simply
implement the strategies revealed in this blueprint
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Here’s What To Do Next…

From now, it’s just about taking the next step and finalizing the details. Click the button below and save your space on the Become Your Best Self in 6 Week Course. Thanks for taking the time to read this message and I am excited about helping you reach your full potential. I look forward to asking you for a success story in the future. 

In case you are one of those people (like me) who skim’s to the bottom of the page to find out how much of an investment this course is going to be then here’s the deal: 

When you join Become Your Best Self now you get to hang out with me live for 6 full weeks. Plus get 6 bonus gifts that are designed to help you stay focused, change your mindset, and attract more opportunities faster than you think (worth £582!)

You get lifetime access to the course so that you can watch it again and again (most of my students watch their courses 3 times to really help the sessions sink in and they are getting amazing results!) 

You also get handouts, worksheets, MP3 downloads and more goodies! 

Finally, you get my safe and secure 14-day money-back guarantee. That means, there is no risk. You just send me an email and if for whatever reason you are not getting the result you want with the course I’ll give you a full refund no questions asked.  

If you're someone who is ready to dive deep into the psychology of personal success so you can become your best self and feel excited by life and your future again I will show you step by step how to reach your full potential (for just £997). 

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